Food and personal care material testing

MES offers comprehensive support to the food and Personal Care industry, helping to ensure safety in the products and services for their customers. 


We partner with you in achieving the requirements needed for regulatory approvals. Moreover, we align our testing and support specifically geared for safety requirements. Our industry experts are ready to lead testing for reviewing your Safe Quality Food program, supporting your Research & Development, and assessing of your third-party supply chain. 

Personal Care

Bringing new Personal Care products to market can be challenging, with quality and safety critical for your success. We are here to facilitate the process at each phase, from regulatory approval to quality control. 

We perform testing for formulators, opinions for claim substantiation, and measurements for substrate/product interaction, as well as additional support. Stereo Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy are great tools for high magnification imaging, chemical analysis, and micro-measurements.

MES can assess your Personal Care suppliers to ensure they are meeting your guidelines, as well as FDA or regulatory requirements. Chemical analysis helps provide material verification to design specifications.  

Our team of materials engineers and chemists can deliver quality control and full-service GMP testing to meet regulations for Personal Care products like cosmetics. In addition, our services include gap analysis and contaminant investigations. FTIR analysis is often employed for determination of organic contaminants.


Ensuring food quality and safety is critical in protecting public health. Therefore, food testing is an essential component that gives you the confidence that requirements and guidelines are followed to keep the pubic safe. MES offers a wide range of testing services to help you meet FDA and regulatory rules, which can include validating product chemistry specifications in the laboratory and in the field. 


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