The MES NDT team provides field inspection utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).  Located in the Dallas Metroplex, we offer GRP field services nationwide. MES combines years of field service with with engineering expertise to provide world class interpretation of results and navigate the ever-changing demands of your project.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a geophysical method that uses pulsing radar signals to image the subsurface.  It is a non-destructive method that detects reflected signals from subsurface features.  GPR has applications on a variety of media, e.g. rock, soil, ice, pavements, and structures.  It is commonly used for the detection of buried utilities and for the examination of asphalt and concrete pavements. GPR functions by passing a portable antenna along the surface that emits and receives radar signals in real time.  The condition of the media and the degree of contact the antenna makes with the surface determines the signal strength and therefore the clarity of the subsurface images.  Current GPR technology offers the ability for 2D or 3D renderings of the data it collects.

MES provides rapid inspection results at an affordable price. As an A2LA ISO 17025 accredited service provider, quality is our focus.



  • Portable with integrated power source

  • Non-destructive & non-invasive

  • Can be used on concrete, asphalt, soils, bedrock, and ice

  • Identification of subsurface infrastructure, such as utility lines, re-bar, and footings

  • Can determine thickness or depth of concrete, as well as defects such as cracks or voids

  • Detecting subsurface moisture or layer separation

  • Nonhazardous to operations, equipment, or personnel


  • Solid materials

  • Generally flat surface


  • ASTM D6432-1